Download GPS TrackMaker® PRO 5.1

This version does not require dongles. The license is based on an annual subscription. Once you purchased the license, you can download the latest version and manage the license though License Manager Website.
License Manager

Download GPS TrackMaker® PRO 4.9.625

GPS TrackMaker® PRO needs a dongle, an electronic plug that works as an unlock password. The dongle is easily connected to the USB port, and should be present when you run GPS TrackMaker® Professional. The plug is transparent and doesn't interfere with the operation of printers, mice or other devices.
You can access the download page of GPS TrackMaker Professional through a small program called dwlgtm available here.
Download the program and run it on your computer. If the hardware key is connected, you will access the download page with the last release of GPS TrackMaker PRO.
What is new in GTM PRO 5.0
- Windows 11 compatible
- License based on dongles was modified by SaaS (Software as a Service). Now it is not necessary to send the dongles by mail or Fedex.
- Google Maps interface based on Microsoft Edge, full compatible with latest versions of Google Maps.
- Google Maps private key is no longer required.

- Google has modified Google Maps' free API delivery policy and now requires the client to have an alphanumeric key to access the maps.
- To get the key, Google requires the customer to provide a credit card for any charges.
- Information can be obtained from the site:
- In version 4.9.603 the image transfer tool presents a new button "Settings" that when clicked presents a field for the insertion of your key.

- Windows 10 compatible
- Google Maps interface remodeled for V3
- Support for the new tracking devices TM10, TM20, TM20A and TM30
- Support for accelerometer, tachometer and backup battery voltage
- GSM Operator name and frequency
- Support for trackers with anti-jamming
- Configuration window of trackers completely remodeled
GTM PRO #4.8
- Google has modified Google Maps' free API delivery policy and now requires the client to have an alphanumeric key to access the maps.
- To get the key, Google requires the customer to provide a credit card for any charges.
- Information can be obtained from the site:
- In version 4.9.603 the image transfer tool presents a new button "Settings" that when clicked presents a field for the insertion of your key.

- New Date Filter tool
- GPX files are now opened faster
- Google Earth KML files are now opened faster
- Support for Gamin Oregon 450/550
- Fixed bug that shows wrong time in Garmin Interface when configured to english mode
- Fixed bug that disables the mouse wheel when the user cancels the program closing
- Long path names for Shapafiles are now supported
- Vehicle tracking: sensors events now can be download by the program
- Vehicle tracking: T3 and T4 modules can be used as SMS modem
- Vehicle tracking: improvements in routine that downloads tracks from T3/T4 module
- Vehicle tracking: new tab for events and sensors configuration
- Vehicle tracking: support for tracking by POST method
GTM PRO #4.7
- Serial port detection routine changed
- Support for virtual serial ports up to comm99
- NMEA interface completely redesigned
- Full compatibility with Windows 7
- New Draw menu with new tools
- Fragment Tracklog tool redesigned
- Drag Vertexes tool redesigned
- New tool Detect points in segments
- Changes in routine of tracklog edition
- New option to draw circles
- Create Route function now allows to create Waypoints with a mouse click
- Circles and elipses now are drawn with double number of points
- New hot keys for the drawing tools
- Backup Files function adjusted for Windows 7
- Vehicle Tracking: CSD and DTMF interfaces eliminated
- Vehicle Tracking: new Odometer function
- Vehicle Tracking: new event Inverted activation implemented
- Vehicle Tracking: new option to activate website tracking with command ##
- Vehicle Tracking: support for new tracking modules T4
GTM PRO #4.6
- Address search in Google Maps window
- Small changes in routine of tracklog edition
- Fixed bug in WGS84 button in datum window
- New version of Brazilian Detailed Map
- Tracking: Garmin FMI v2 implemented to be used with T3, in real-time
- Tracking: Complete Garmin FMI console similar to MS Outlook
- Tracking: Support for all type of messages.
- Tracking: Support for stop points
- Tracking: Support for driver names and status
- Tracking: Newww.trackmaker.comw options to activate GPS/GPRS by events
- Tracking: Option to configure T2/T3 to pure data logger mode
GTM PRO #4.5
- Automatic file backup
- The program now can be opened in normal or maximized window
- bug fixed that crashes the program when the user clicks the right mouse button outside of the spreadsheet
- Support for the new USB Key model manufactured by Geo studio
- Guide of Reference updated
- Vehicle Tracking: support for special tracklog activated by Sensor 2 of T3 module
- Vehicle Tracking: full support for the new T3 module manufactured by Geo Studio
- Vehicle Tracking: changes in window of GPRS activation by tones and SMS
- Vehicle Tracking: GPRS activation by CSD eliminated
- Vehicle Tracking: Transmition rate in RTN now can be configured
- Vehicle Tracking: data logger can be activated by Sensor 2
- Vehicle Tracking: support for URL Redirection, like No-IP
- Vehicle Tracking: the routine that tests the TCP port is more reliable
- Vehicle Tracking: internal changes in the routine that captures the external IP
GTM PRO® #4.4
- Improvements in tracklog labeling routine
- New Garmin Colorado family and Nuvi models supported
- New option "Terrain" in Google Maps window
- New sentence to open Google Maps through "Maps on the Internet" tool
- Selected waypoints now can be shown in Google Maps window
- Full support for GZ files
- Bug fixed: eliminated Overflow error when creating a specific new user datum
- New datums: SIRGAS2000, NGZD2000, EGSA87
- Waypoints created in RTN now have date provided by the GPS
- New cities in brazilian map
- Google Earth window now is automaticaly adjusted in real-time navigation
- Help File updated
- Vehicle Tracking: changes in routine of website test
- Vehicle Tracking: multiple vehicles can be show in Google Maps window
- Vehicle Tracking: Improvements in routine of screen refresh
- Vehicle Tracking: vehicle, boat and airplane icons in Google Earth
GTM PRO® #4.3
- Waypoint styles eliminated: now the styles can be applied directly to each Waypoint;
- Waypoint styles button and menu removed;
- New tracklog types: Principal avenue; Access Road; Motorcycle trail and others;
- Scalable Tracklogs and Waypoints by numeric distance Eliminated;
- Changes in Tracklog edition window: tracklog default now is graphic;
- Changes in Waypoint edition window: Waypoint default now is graphic;
- "Show tracklog by colors" button now is deactivated when the program is closed;
- "Variable text size depending on scale (Waypoint)" option is now in option window;
- Support for C320 family, i3 family and probably other Garmin PNDs;
- GZ file extension was replaced by GTZ extension;
- Reference Guide in PDF format updated;
- Data table: new option to show and hide columns;
- Data table: new tool to search addresses from projects of maps;
- Data table: double click on the cell allow to see the element on the map;
- Data table: New option "show on map" through F4 key and menu;
- Data table: table refresh with F5 key;
- Data table: new XLS and DBF exportation routines;
- Data table: click with the mouse right button on the spreadsheet now accesses many commands;
- Data table: "Delete Cell" remodeled;
- Data table: "Print table" remodeled;
- Data table: complete report with addresses indicating where the vehicle passed;
- Vehicle Tracking: New option that allows to change the icon by events;
- Vehicle Tracking: Real-time navigation by cable with Tracker II module;
- Vehicle Tracking: now it is possible to see if the vehicle ignition is turned on;
- Vehicle Tracking: Tracker II firmware upload by CSD;
- Vehicle Tracking: now it is possible to capture the IMEI of Tracker II in Tool window;
- Vehicle Tracking: new option for Tracker II Sensor1 "Turn off relays after 5 seconds";
- Vehicle Tracking: possibility to choose the server port when tracking by website;
- Vehicle Tracking: support for uPnP;
- Vehicle Tracking: 8 new icons of buzzer to use with Tracker II;
GTM PRO® #4.2
- Compatible with Windows Vista
- New "Google Maps" tool
- New resource that mixes raster images with the background
- New MS Excel exportation tool (XLS files)
- New dBaseIV exportation tool (DBF files)
- Fixed the "Object variable or With block variable not set" error in Shapefile routines
- Improvements in compression/decompression routine (GZ files)
- Help file converted to PDF format
- It is not necessary to select data to open Google Earth and "Maps in Internet"
- New option for using Googe Earth in aeronautical mode
- New option that allows to disable variable text size of Waypoints
- Fixed some bugs in Rectangular Clipping Tool
- Vehicles sorted by name in routines of connection
- Improvements in routine of Tracking by GPRS
- Fixed a bug in Shapefile routine